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I'm in Sales!

Right. So we're in a "pause" on the show right now. We have a solid booking in Casablanca, Morocco in March of 2018, so that'll be fun!

But right now we're in pitching mode for our show. We want to continue on with the type of experience we had at Chapman U at the INCREDIBLE Musco Center for the Arts.

The view from the stage of the GORGEOUS Musco Center @ Chapman U

Janet and I were treated so well there by the Executive Director (Richard Bryant who booked us), the Musco Staff, the professors from the performing arts areas of the U, the MUSCOS THEMSELVES, founders, and other stake holders. It was pretty swell, you guys. Also, there was outreach to students through the dance department. Janet taught a master class and had those student dancers doing a combination from the Nightmare/Guernica sequence from Act II. One of my beloved former students is studying dance there, so I got to see her at the show. That was a beautiful thing in and of itself.

We want to pitch the show to other PACs across the country, particularly those that are affiliated with universities. We think that women's studies, literature, music, opera, theater and dance departments would be obvious links for us into the academic environment. We are also working hard on putting the show in Paris. You know, Paris, France. I happen to love Paris, France.

I'm also working on several more projects, mostly in research mode at the moment.

Sales and Research. Those are my departments.

If you have a place where you think we should pitch the show, LET ME KNOW, ok?



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