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Day 87



Crimsonsiren1 2011

Welcome home! It has been wonderful and inspiring to hear about all of your experiences! Let's get together soon! Xoxo, Tiffany

Maria 2011

Welcome back,Cindy.What an exciting trip.I enjoyed following your journey ,and look forward to hearing about what is happening next.Blessings,Maria

Pete Parkin 2011

Bon Voyage. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it. Let me know what's up with the production. I'll be visiting a couple of times next year and maybe the timing will work out that i can see it. Have you looked at the Victory Theatre? I know the folks there and would be happy to arrange an intro. What a great experience for you. Pete P.

Mwatters525 2011


Saw Jack last night at Dan Foliart's party and he gave me the update on your wonderful project. How exciting! Travel safe and enjoy your homecoming.

Mark Watters


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