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Keeping On Keeping On

Some days it's hard to keep going. I wake up, and think, "But, I don't wanna write an opera!!" like someone's making me do it...

But now I have interest and creative buy-in from a variety of people, including my husband, who is music directing the piece. I'll post more details about this hopefully very soon, but suffice to say that there are other people who are now becoming involved. This is kicking my ass. I have a goal of finishing the piece by June of 2012. At that point, more real things can start to unfold, because I will have a product. But right now, I'm still in the process phase.

Most weekdays I either get on my bike and ride the 5 miles, or I drive over to my office. The office is way overly scented. I'm not sure why this is, but fake scent hits you over the head when you enter. While I'm not in love with the cloying aromas in the air, it has now become a "you're at work!" trigger. I make my way back to my little office-that-used-to-be-a-bedroom, open the drapes and the shades, fire up my computer, fill up my water bottle, and decide that, well, there is just nothing else to do but sit there and write.

Since I've moved in I've written the scene where Psyche begins to wanders in search of her husband. The scene where her sisters die an ugly death. The scene where Eros laments all that has transpired. The scene where Aphrodite supplicates Zeus for his help in finding Psyche and bringing her to justice (that is, under Aphrodite's thumb, where she will be punished). The scene where Aphrodite calls Hermes to make a proclamation for the populace to participate in locating Psyche. And, finally, the scene where the people heartlessly hunt for her before she decides that, rather than giving anyone the satisfaction, she will turn herself in.

That's a lot!

But there's a fair amount more to go, and it's pretty important and heady stuff, and needs to be handled just right. If I think about the broad sweep of it too much I get overwhelmed. But if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and writing the next note, somehow it is getting written. For the most part, I'm writing the work in order, but occassionally jump to a piece a few scenes ahead if the muse strikes me.

Jack is really crazy about the work, and has apparently been saying really nice things about me and my creative endeavors behind my back. I get reports back..! He is beginning to get involved in the on-the-ground realities of Psyche for the first time since its inception. He and I are working with someone who is charting all of the music, and Jack is familiarizing himself with the deep ins-and-outs of the piece in order to play and conduct on stage when the time comes.

I have been severely admonished to no longer refer to Psyche as an opera. This is not good for its future commercial path, apparently. So I am trying to get myself out of the habit. But it's really hard to know what to call it. Rock Opera sounds silly. "Well, I'm off to the office to write my Rock Opera!" Weird. Plus, it's not really Tommy, or Jesus Christ Superstar. Although, when thinking through the business of the thing, those are probably the closest templates. Sung-through libretto. "Well, I'm off to the office to write my Sung-Through Libretto!" Doesn't really roll off the tongue. Musical. Perhaps. But, as my brother put it, it puts one in mind of things like, "This Was a Real Nice Clam Bake", and other musty cornball things from Broadway's distant past. Whatever. It doesn't really matter to me at this point. It's just the thing that I'm writing and will keep writing until I'm done writing it.

All for now...

Happy Passover and Easter everyone!





Lynnkoff • 2012


Drbon2 • 2012

Couldn't be more proud of you! What talent! What drive! And it's great that you and Jack are collaborating. Keep on keepin' on!

Tiffany • 2012

I'm so thrilled for you!!! I have faith that you'll be wrapping it up before you know it. Can't wait! Would love to get together for lunch/coffee again one of these days. But in the meantime... back to work! ;) Xoxo!

Petifoger • 2012

Keep at it! Sounds exciting. What ever you end up calling it. Nothing wrong with musical. Pete

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