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NEWS -- (there's news). Also: Build-a-Show

Hello all!

It's been a little while since I've posted a thing, which happens when one gets busy. It's been a big time in my life and the life of my little family. My only child went away to school clear across the country. She's at the perfect place for her at the perfect time. It was a bit rough taking her to school, but she's all tucked in and having the time of her life.

My husband has finished one the of biggest projects of his career. A news item should be coming up any minute about it, and I'll post about that here later. I actually wrote a bit of it with him, and am excited about this composing credit. This is some of his greatest work to date, and I'm beaming...

In service of this score we spent some time in Nashville recording orchestra. We'd never been there before and found the town delightful.

My brother did some singing on the soundtrack and it's friggin HILARIOUS! (Oh, I sang a bit too.)

I'm almost at the end of the score I'm writing for our "Anaïs, A Dance Opera" workshop that's taking place at the Miles Theater in Santa Monica from October 23-25. Come see it and feedback!! Have something to do with the building of the show!!

I've written 10 pieces for this run, and have about 7 or 8 more to go to complete the whole one-act show. We're premiering the entire work this coming May 2016. No specific announcments yet about exact place/dates, but stay tuned.

Sheesh, this piece is complex! There are many different musical styles, dance styles, not to mention video projections, text projections, and the shit ton of research I've had to do on the piece.

I'm being advised by one of the foremost Nin scholars, Paul Herron, who is currently editing her diaries for new unexpurgated releases.

We've got total buy-in from the Anaïs Nin Trust.

So, you know, things are happening. I'm just wrapping up composition on the piece where Anaïs meets her husband Hugh Guiler.

Did I mention I'm in it??



All for now.

There will be news...



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