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Day 9

Psyche crosses the threshold...


Erica Loomis Frazier 2011

Cindy...First off I am so jealous of you, but you deserve every moment there... What an amazing thing you are getting to do. I listened to some of your tracks while writing this and you really are an amazing talent!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry I have not written you until now, but I have been in back to school mod as I know you understand. Iain started his new school HT-LA and we are trying to get into then grove of his new workload. He has a gaggle of new friends and joined speech and debate as well as a creative writing club. I am very proud of him and I keep telling myself that the grove will come and to just be supportive. Kailee is going to the pre-k at the park. My wonderful mother in-law went down there at 6:30am to save a spot inline to ensure Kailee would get in and she did as I already said.

How is Gracy liking CHAMPS?? The last I heard she was liking it a lot!!!!!!!

Miss you and love you,E

Bonnie Shannon 2011

I'm glad that you are pleased with your writing progress. Sometimes one just needs to step back to appreciate an effort. Madame Butterfly is one of my favorite operas. The last time I saw it, I cried so hard that the lady in front of us (a frequent opera-goer) gave me a dirty look and said, to my chagrin, that that was no way to behave at an opera! Enjoy! Mom


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