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Day 3

Good day for this Jewish girl at Mass.



Linda Kates 2011

I would have gone to Mass with you. And even though I would not have understood the language of French or Latin, I would have understood the language of music! xoxoxo

Patti 2011

Ah--the coffee and bread. Love it and miss that morning ritual! Interesting analysis of the music at mass. Glad you are starting to meet more people!

JeffVirgo 2011

Sounds awesome...would have loved to take in a mass. Always enjoy the music and theatrical aspects of a catholic mass...especially the organ interludes.

nancy 2011

Cool Cindy... Yes, got back from London and Denmark just last month...and I know I spent a lot of time visiting churches and cathedrals.... all quite beautiful and inspiring... doesn't matter what religion you are if you are open enough to appreciate all you see and hear, huh?

Lori 2011

Love these updates. ( Vicarious thrills.) Sounds like mass was a great idea. Hope you have a wonderful time at the picnic.


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