Day 2

Productive, tiring day...


Jack Wall 2011

wow - love hearing you tell us about your day! Keep going!!!

Bonnie Shannon 2011

You look good with wet hair! Glad the quiche was yummy. Any news regarding a larger studio? Thinking of and missing you, Mom

Jimmy 2011

Cindy, I am not at all jealous of your current whereabouts to any degree whatsoever. Also, the previous sentence is a huge lie. :)

Pete Parkin 2011

Having some major thunderstorms here in ABQ too. Love the news, keep it coming

Linda Rosman 2011

I love hearing you talk about your day in Paris. Where are you staying?

cindyshapiro 2011

I'm a resident at Cite Internationale des Arts, which is in the Marais. I'll be here for two months!

Maggie 2011

So fun to watch....makes me a bit melancholy just imagining though.....lots of material can come out of that..... Also, just a tip about the screen.....hard to do but look up at the camera if you can so we can see your pretty eyes! Love, Maggie


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