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I leave in four days. I'm making the mental shift to being in Paris, and focusing hard on the work that I'm supposed to be doing there. Jack was saying last night that this is my time in Paris. That it's all for me. But I respectfully disagree with that notion. "Me time" in my view is time at a spa, or in the bathtub, perhaps getting a manicure, generally hanging out. What I'm about to go do in France is not about luxuriating in the nothingness of being temporarily untethered.

Here is what it's about for me:

It's about fulfilling my role as an artist.

An artist's role, no matter what the medium (dance, painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, composition)

AND regardless of what some of the actual text may be (prose, poetry or lyrics) is to be in


conversation with others about the state of being human.

This is an important societal function.

This is what I aim to fulfill when I'm in Paris working.


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