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I have three weeks to go until I leave for Paris, and I am having trouble shutting my mind off. That is one of the goals of the exercise: excluding the "cogitate" part of the brain in favor of the "experience" part. Some strange and big changes have occurred to my family and me over the last couple of weeks. They are preoccupying my frontal lobe to no end, torturing me at night, and disenabling good focus on other tasks during the day.

The exercise in psychogeography that I intend to execute upon my arrival in Paris is one in which the person on the drift through the cityscape walks without goal, but remains in an exquisite state of awareness while drinking in the urban experience. This has been done since the days of Charles Baudelaire. The Surrealists did it to uncork unconscious thought and then took to their studios to paint. The Situationists did it to try to decode social hierarchy inherent in the built environment. I'm doing it to try to understand my lifelong fascination with the city of Paris (feels past-life-y) and to then tap into the experience for musical expression.

I worry about my tendency to worry, however... My everyday concerns will certainly accompany my mind and soul as I board a plane and alight in the City of Lights.

My task is to consciously stop being conscious.


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