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Updated: Sep 5, 2021



Davidkates 2011

Awesome, Cin. Sending good thoughts, and so glad it's going well.

J_tichauer 2011

Wow! One wouldn't think of a place in Paris called O'Sullivans...but why not? Break a leg! I know that you'll be sensational.

Crimsonsiren1 2011

Wow! Awesome!!! Hugs!

Drbon2 2011

You look beautiful and happy. We're excited about your forthcoming "gig". Stay well, andcontinue to keep in touch. Love, Mom, Michael & Donnie


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Wallpaper, Magical Garments, Act I

Here's an example of a Chalayan fashion show:

Also, watch this one till the end. Astonishing!

Here is a little bit of the decorative art that I saw at Les Arts Décoratifs:


Linda willis 2011


We are enjoying your blogs and all the details associated with them.

OK, now we are hungry for Paris.

I have been sharing your comments with my 90 year old uncle who lived in Paris in the mid to late 50’s. He has such interesting stories to tell about his days at Cafe Flore.

Cheers Linda

cindyshapiro 2011

I want to hear his stories!!

Norma 2011

Your description of the museum sounds exciting! I definitely want to see the wallpaper and the magical garments. Please repeat the name of the designer again or spell out.

cindyshapiro 2011

Hussein Chalayan is his name. I'm going to add a link or two to this page, and an image of a few of the panels that I found online.


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Shop window in Paris

This was a Friday afternoon on Rue de Rivoli at the MAC store. The woman you see here is wearing underwear, and nothing else, as two men paint her.


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