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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Good day for this Jewish girl at Mass.



Linda Kates 2011

I would have gone to Mass with you. And even though I would not have understood the language of French or Latin, I would have understood the language of music! xoxoxo

Patti 2011

Ah--the coffee and bread. Love it and miss that morning ritual! Interesting analysis of the music at mass. Glad you are starting to meet more people!

JeffVirgo 2011

Sounds awesome...would have loved to take in a mass. Always enjoy the music and theatrical aspects of a catholic mass...especially the organ interludes.

nancy 2011

Cool Cindy... Yes, got back from London and Denmark just last month...and I know I spent a lot of time visiting churches and cathedrals.... all quite beautiful and inspiring... doesn't matter what religion you are if you are open enough to appreciate all you see and hear, huh?

Lori 2011

Love these updates. ( Vicarious thrills.) Sounds like mass was a great idea. Hope you have a wonderful time at the picnic.


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Productive, tiring day...



Jack Wall 2011

wow - love hearing you tell us about your day! Keep going!!!

Bonnie Shannon 2011

You look good with wet hair! Glad the quiche was yummy. Any news regarding a larger studio? Thinking of and missing you, Mom

Jimmy 2011

Cindy, I am not at all jealous of your current whereabouts to any degree whatsoever. Also, the previous sentence is a huge lie. :)

Pete Parkin 2011

Having some major thunderstorms here in ABQ too. Love the news, keep it coming

Linda Rosman 2011

I love hearing you talk about your day in Paris. Where are you staying?

cindyshapiro 2011

I'm a resident at Cite Internationale des Arts, which is in the Marais. I'll be here for two months!

Maggie 2011

So fun to watch....makes me a bit melancholy just imagining though.....lots of material can come out of that..... Also, just a tip about the screen.....hard to do but look up at the camera if you can so we can see your pretty eyes! Love, Maggie


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

A little vlog!

Day 1 photo



Jack Wall 2011

Such a cute Parisien 'doo. :)

MRunice 2011

Enjoy Paris, live large. You can sleep when you're dead.

Lyle 2011

Good to see your mother is keeping tabs on you. Wish you all the success in the world.

cindyshapiro 2011

Thank you Lyle!

Petezeldman1 2011

Culture shock?

cindyshapiro 2011

It's mostly the being in the city thing. Noise, crazies, stuff like that aren't part of daily life in Sherman Oaks. Haven't been in the heart of a city since New York!

Patti 2011

Heureux de vous entendre l'a fait à l'amende de Paris. C'est une honte au sujet du petit studio. Une chose est à coup sûr….votre créativité n'a aucune frontière si vous êtes dans un petit ou grand appartement ! Ayez l'amusement et nous attendons avec intérêt d'entendre vos blogs chaque jour. Amour, Patricia​

cindyshapiro 2011

Yeah, I got over the small studio thing pretty quickly. Who cares how small it is?? It's in the middle of Paris!!

Tiffany 2011

Bon Jour!!! So excited for you... Hang in there... I'm toasting a glass of wine to you and your whole experience right now!!! (but I bet your wine is better.) ;

cindyshapiro 2011

Mwah!! Excited to see you in Japan!

Gigi 2011


cindyshapiro 2011

Sorry I missed you guys in LA!

Gregory 2011

Yay, the adventure begins! (I'm so jealous ;)

cindyshapiro 2011


Bonnie Shannon 2011

You look great. Keep us posted. Love, Mom, Michael & Don

cindyshapiro 2011

I will!!

Norma 2011

Great hearing from you! It sounds like a wonderful experience.

cindyshapiro 2011

So far so good..! Nice to hear from you too!

Laurie Kantor 2011

Hey Cin, thinking of you. Have a blast! Love always, Laurie

cindyshapiro 2011

Thanks, Laur! It's going well... Enjoying myself and starting to get in the slot, work-wise. xoxo

Michael Kriegsman 2011

Keep the vids coming! Once you get into the "creative groove" the size of the room'll be a non-issue; you won't even notice it!

cindyshapiro 2011

So true!! Nice to hear from you!

Buddyshapiro 2011

You will make the quarter's work -- finished Charlie's book -- a must read for anyone interested in composing -- as you know Charlie studied in Paris early in his career -- enjoy the walks, and all else that is Paris -- see you on the 12th

cindyshapiro 2011

If you don't mind, would you bring the book with you when you come? Easier than trying to find an English version of it here!

Pete Parkin 2011

Look's like fun! Challenging but fun. Love being able to follow along.

cindyshapiro 2011

Challenging but fun... Perfect summary!

JeffVirgo 2011

Hi Darlin!!! I've been hither, dither and yon and completely out of touch for the past couple of months...Paris...Tres Cool!!! Wanna talk more...maybe you could hop a short flight to Sweden at some point. Lots happening as always. If ya want some bass...just holler :O

Love ya!!

cindyshapiro 2011

Hi honey!! Would love to see you and Marianne and your two beauties!! xoxo

Michelle 2011

This is glad we can follow along and live vicariously (oh, Paris...*whimper*) Tell them you need a full size concert grand! Ha! Keep posting...The Massies

cindyshapiro 2011

Ha ha!

#paris #citeinternationaledesarts

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