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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Psyche crosses the threshold...


Erica Loomis Frazier 2011

Cindy...First off I am so jealous of you, but you deserve every moment there... What an amazing thing you are getting to do. I listened to some of your tracks while writing this and you really are an amazing talent!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry I have not written you until now, but I have been in back to school mod as I know you understand. Iain started his new school HT-LA and we are trying to get into then grove of his new workload. He has a gaggle of new friends and joined speech and debate as well as a creative writing club. I am very proud of him and I keep telling myself that the grove will come and to just be supportive. Kailee is going to the pre-k at the park. My wonderful mother in-law went down there at 6:30am to save a spot inline to ensure Kailee would get in and she did as I already said.

How is Gracy liking CHAMPS?? The last I heard she was liking it a lot!!!!!!!

Miss you and love you,E

Bonnie Shannon 2011

I'm glad that you are pleased with your writing progress. Sometimes one just needs to step back to appreciate an effort. Madame Butterfly is one of my favorite operas. The last time I saw it, I cried so hard that the lady in front of us (a frequent opera-goer) gave me a dirty look and said, to my chagrin, that that was no way to behave at an opera! Enjoy! Mom


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Writing writing writing


Jack Wall 2011

I imagine if you don't write, it's difficult to understand what goes into the process. But even if you do write, it's very instructive to see another's process. Watching this vlog as each segment comes, is fascinating to me as a writer to see your process detailed on a semi-daily basis. This will become very instructive as you go through it all. I'm quite enjoying watching and taking these in!

Pete Parkin 2011

Sounds like you're making progress. And, more importantly, that you're happy with it. Good deal. I'm doing scenic painting in ABQ today.

Petezeldman1 2011

Cool stuff! Enjoy!

cindyshapiro 2011

Thank you!


Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Wherein I talk about my development of an Aphrodite piece, and discuss a scam situation along the quai...


Gregory 2011

now you know how to take a walk!

oh, yeah, the Aphrodite inspiration. Go with it!

Hr2md 2011

Hi Cindy, I also got approached by the ring July when we were there. Definitely a scam. I told them to give the ring to the local merchants in case someone came back but she insisted I take it.. They are after $$, Walk like a New Yawker! I love seeing and reading your blogs. Love from LA Helene

Mathew Lebowitz 2011

Love the ring scam story and your bafflement of it. Keep the open curious attitude even if gathers the occasional loony. Enjoy it all!

Bonnie Shannon 2011

Use your NYC skills, Cindy. It's actually good that this ring scam occurred in two settings, making the intent very clear. To those who plan to scam, you, being an American, seem loke easy prey. Take good care of you. Love, Mom

Scottinapac 2011

The same scam happened to Gail -- while we were hoofing to the Rodin museum. I was distracted taking a picture of two folks sitting on a window ledge--but a local businessman told Gail-- scam scam -- and chased the eastern European away. (chubby, greasy mousy brown hair)-- ring was a man's wedding band. They target foreigners that have 'open, curious faces'...walk like a New Yorker, Cindy.

Linda Rosman 2011

Yes, it is a ring scam. Very common in Paris.


An Apple store in the Louvre? Mon Dieu!


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