March 12, 2015

I feel a real kinship with Anais Nin. I mean, I'd wear a birdcage on my head like that! Wouldn't even think twice...

She died in the 70s. Did you know she died in Los Angeles? Did you know that her archive resides at UCLA? Did you know that she lived here in a mid-centu...

October 1, 2012

And if you got that reference, you must be the CHEF of the FUTURE!!!

But, seriously everybody, I finished Psyche a couple of weeks ago. I got to the end. Wrote the last note. The last word. Stayed true to the ancient story. Imbued it to the best of my ability with the i...

April 7, 2012

Some days it's hard to keep going. I wake up, and think, "But, I don't wanna write an opera!!" like someone's making me do it...

But now I have interest and creative buy-in from a variety of people, including my husband, who is music directing the piece. I'll post more...

March 7, 2012

Hello! It's a little blog to talk about this piece I made the other day. I'm taking a class at Antioch LA called Parallel Worlds: Renaissance to Modern Art in Europe and the Americas. Here is a description from the s...

November 27, 2011



Crimsonsiren1 2011

Welcome home! It has been wonderful and inspiring to hear about all of your experiences! Let's get together soon! Xoxo, Tiffany

Maria 2011

Welcome back,Cindy.What an exciting trip.I enjoyed following your journey ,and look forwa...

November 8, 2011

A little tour of my studio


Nath Vuissoz 2011

Thanks for the visit ! It's a really, really, really little studio !How are you doing ? Did you have time to learn some French ? How long are you still staying in Paris... I wanted maybe to find ou...

October 28, 2011

My hair is too short


Maria-elisebeth  2011

you look beautiful! :>)

cindyshapiro 2011

Thank you! :)

Gigi 2011

your hair looks fab ;)

cindyshapiro 2011

Thanks, Gigi! xoxo

Audrey 2011

I am sure your hair will grow on you and you will love it. I cut h...

October 20, 2011



Davidkates 2011

Awesome, Cin. Sending good thoughts, and so glad it's going well.

J_tichauer 2011

Wow! One wouldn't think of a place in Paris called O'Sullivans...but why not? Break a leg! I know that you'll be sensational.

Crimsonsiren1 2011

Wow! A...

October 11, 2011

Wallpaper, Magical Garments, Act I

Here's an example of a Chalayan fashion show: 

Also, watch this one till the end. Astonishing! 

Here is a little bit of the decorative art that I saw at  Les Arts Décoratifs:


Linda willis 2011


We are en...

October 7, 2011

Shop window in Paris

This was a Friday afternoon on Rue de Rivoli at the MAC store. The woman you see here is wearing underwear, and nothing else, as two men paint her. 

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