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Hey everybody!

I'm excited to be able to announce publicly that I did some work on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 music. Yes, I did! I wrote additional lyrics to the wonderful song "Where Are We Going?". I was thinking about the 4 elements when I wrote those lyrics.

And I did some composing and wrote lyrics on other music in the game THAT IS BEING RELEASED TOMORROW.

And I can talk about that more tomorrow.

So, watch!

#CallofDuty #BlackOps4 #Lyricist #CindyShapiro #WhereAreWeGoing

Cast and crew of "Anaïs, A Dance Opera" @ La Nouvelle Eve

Last month we took our show and our beautiful cast and crew to Paris and Casablanca.

Here we are in front of La Nouvelle Eve, the theatre where we performed our show. This theatre (I can't decide to continue to spell this "theatre" or "theater". Thoughts?) opened on Christmas Eve, 1897. It feels as if you can still smell cigarette smoke in the velvet seats and carpet from that night in 1897. There is a hole in the ceiling above the stage where the semi-nude showgirls were dropped on a swing, dripping crystals and heavy headdresses.

One scene in our show takes places in Paris in 1924. It was a moment in Nin's life where she moved back to Paris from New York, only now as a young adult and newlywed. Her husband Hugh took her to night clubs in Paris where she was absolutely scandalized by what she saw there. My thought during that scene was that this very theatre might have been one of the places she frequented that gave her such a shock. (Needless to say, she got over this puritanical thinking during her lifetime. Just read Delta of Venus, if you don't believe me!)

#rockopera #foliesbergeres #henrymiller #cindyshapiro #janetroston #anaisnin #paris #lanouvelleeve

My show Anaïs, A Dance Opera had a TRIUMPHANT run at the Avignon Festival L'Off '17. We wowed audience and critics, and had a dreamy time there. We played a weekend in Santa Barbara at the beautiful New Vic Theater. Glorious!!

PLUS, we opened the second season at the gorgeous Musco Center for the Arts at Chapman U and they LOVED us!

We have another show coming up in Casablanca, Morocco in March of 2018. Super cool, right?


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