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High contract image of Cindy Shapiro, hand swept up overhead beginning to sheild her eyes as if the light is too intense





The Day He Left - a new single in memory of once-in-a-generation genius Pete Zeldman, to be released on September 13, 2023

Cover image for the Cindy Shapiro's single, "The Day He Left" in memory of her beloved friend Pete Zeldman

Anaïs Nin, Unbound - a hybrid theatrical event about  the famed controversial 20th century feminist writer, who lived her the way she saw fit

Cover image for the "Anaïs Nin, Unbound" Hybrid Theatrical Event

Psyche: First Upon a Time - the original princess story, the one from which every other one you're familiar with flows...

Cover image for the "Psyche: First Upon a Time" theatrical show

What does it sound like when 56 of the best singers in the known universe sing your work?​ This is an absolute highlight of my career as a composer (thus far)! 

Group shot of the LA Singers, organizers from the Society of Composers and Lyricists, representative composers, Cindy Shapiro and Jack Wall from the Update Your Tookit evening

I compose music for theater, video games, immersive environments, and for my own enjoyment. Here are some of my projects. 

• CTO of

Lost in Sound Records, LLC


• Co-founder, Composer/Librettist/

Technologist of

Incorrigible Entertainment, LLC 

My 2 Companies

Cindy Shapiro composer portrait
Lost in Sound Records, LLC logo
Incorrigible Entertainment, LLC logo


2.5D -- Another AMAZING downtown NYC band. 90s. Look! It's PZ again on drums, that's my brother Rob Shapiro on the right who played guitar and wrote a lot of the material, and the wonderful Jeff Virgo on bass. I met my husband, the composer Jack Wall, during the recording of these sessions.

Cantorial -- 00s. I was the Cantorial Soloist at the glorious Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles. I got deeply in touch with my roots. What a privilege to work there. I was also the music teacher at the day school.